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Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

New script published: EMA-SMA cross

This strategy is pretty simple actually, based on ride trend principle. It exits when trend started to go down. During bearish, it will stay in cash. Strategy Description: It buys when the EMA50 line crosses up SMA2000 line. Exit when EMA50 crosses down SMA100 . Potential ROI Monthly (in bullish trend): 0-5% Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT, MATICUSDT, TIAUSDT Time frame: 5mins Initial Capital: 100 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 100% of equity Pyramiding: 1 order Commission: 0.1 % // @version= 4 strategy ( "EMA-SMA Crossover []" , overlay = true ) // Define input parameters emaLength = input ( 50 , title = "EMA Length" ) smaShortLength = input ( 100 , title = "SMA Short Length" ) smaLongLength = input ( 2000 , title = "SMA Long Length" ) // Calculate EMA and SMA values ema50 = ema ( open , emaLength ) sma100 = sma ( open , smaShortLength ) sma2000 = sma ( open , smaLongLength ) // Plot EMA and SMA on th

New Pine Script Published: Buy the Dip 2-Weeks-Low

This strategy is practically the same as before here , just it is revised with longer time frame for better backtesting. And it has modifiable input tab. Strategy Description: It buys when the price dip at 2-week-low. The take profit is set at 3% and stop loss at 1%. Potential ROI Monthly (in sideway): 0-10% Recommended Settings: Pair: MATICUSDT, OPUSDT, ATOMUSDT, ARBUSDT Time frame: 15mins (*Optional: You can use TF5min, but adjust the Number of  Candles = 4100) Initial Capital: 100 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 100% of equity Pyramiding: 1 order Commission: 0.1 % Take Profit: 3% Stop Loss: 1% // @version= 4 strategy ( "Buy2weeksLow-TF15min[]" , overlay = true ) // Input for the number of candles num_candles = input ( 1344 , title = "Number of Candles" , minval = 1 ) // Define the candles low price low_candles = lowest ( low , num_candles ) // Define the buy condition buy_condition = low <= low_candles // Create the buy order if

Comparison between 2 Smart Rebalance Bot

Smart rebalance is one of the kinda new features offered by many Centralized exchanger (CEX). And it has come to my liking during bull run u can cover many tokens than just run 1 single token with 1 bot. Because most tokens/coins price do not move parallel to each other, it will automatically buy at low, sell at high each coins in order to rebalance the proportion that you have preset.  But this strategy works best during bullrun. During bearish period, when all coins go down, u will still see decline of the portfolio worth. Usually i use this bot for coins that i have high convictions on them i would HODL them for long.  Here, I just wanna share smart rebalance bots from 2 different CEX. They are from Kucoin and BitGet. The following are the snapshots of the running bot after 60days. BitGet Smart Rebalance Bot Kucoin Smart Rebalance Bot I started out with Bitget first, then after several hours, i decided to make comparison with Kucoin. I ran them for two months.  I chose BTC, ETH, LIN