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Whale Signal with Start Stop Timestamp

This new pine script code is revision of previous Buy-on-Whale-signal pine script. It has start-stop time setting. This function is there for 2 reasons : 1. If you are using 'Percentage' as 'Order Size' in the Properties setting, u will need to set START DATE on the day u start running the bot (SUPER IMPORTANT!). Otherwise, u may be getting a lot of error on placing order. 2. It is useful if  you need to test a strategy on shorter backtesting range on longer timeframe chart (ie. lets say u want to see how the bot performs during bearish period). This feature is not needed if you are subscriber to Tradingview Pro.  Strategy Description: It places buy order when then whale detector bar reaches certain threshold level which you can adjust as well as the Take Profit and Stop Loss. And Set when to start and stop trading range. Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT (Binance) Time frame: 7min Initial Capital: 10 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 10 USDT Pyramiding: 1 order