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Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

New Pine Script: Cosine Kernel Regression

 This pine script is adapted from Cosine Kernel Regression by QuantraSystems . Credit goes to this brilliant script writer.  The Cosine Kernel Regressions indicator (CKR) uses mathematical concepts to offer a unique approach to market analysis. This indicator employs Kernel Regressions using bespoke tunable Cosine functions in order to smoothly interpret a variety of market data, providing traders with incredibly clean insights into market trends. Details here..   Strategy Description: This stratgey uses many indicators to combine into an indicator that minimizes noises to get as accurate as possible. Order Buy is placed on Oversold signal , and exits the order when Overbought signal . Recommended Settings: Pair: RNDRUSDT (Binance) Time frame: 1 hour Initial Capital: 100 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 100% equity Pyramiding: 1 order Commission: 0.1 %  // @version= 5 strategy ( "CKR: credit to QuantraSystems" , overlay = false , initial_capital = 10 , defa