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Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

New Pine Script: QQE Strategy

This strategy is based on an indicator in TradingView. Its called QQE signals by colinmck. I find it pretty profitable after modified to my trading style. Strategy Description: Buy order placed according to  Quantitative Qualitative Estimation (QQE)   Potential ROI Monthly (in sideway/bullish): 2.5% Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT , ETHUSDT Time frame: 1mins Initial Capital: 100 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 20% of equity Pyramiding: 5 orders Commission: 0.1 % Take Profit: 1% Stop Loss: nil // @version=4 strategy ( "QQE Strategy []" , overlay = true ) RSI_Period = input ( 14 , title = 'RSI Length' ) SF = input ( 5 , title = 'RSI Smoothing' ) QQE = input ( 4.238 , title = 'Fast QQE Factor' ) ThreshHold = input ( 10 , title = "Threshold" ) src = close Wilders_Period = RSI_Period * 2 - 1 Rsi = rsi ( src , RSI_Period ) RsiMa = ema ( Rsi , SF ) AtrRsi = abs ( RsiMa [ 1 ] - RsiMa ) MaAtrRsi = ema

New Pine Script: Scalper 5min

This strategy is adapted from TradingView strategy Super Scalper 5min by VinayKumarKV.   Strategy Description: Uses ATR, EMA, RSI. Specifically for 5min TF. Potential ROI Monthly (in sideway/bullish): 5% Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT  Time frame: 5mins Initial Capital: 50 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 11 USDT Pyramiding: 4 orders Commission: 0.1 % Take Profit: High + ATR * 5 Stop Loss: Low - ATR * 2 // @version=5 strategy ( "Scalper5min[]" , overlay = true ) source = close atrlen = ( 7 , "ATR Period" ) mult = input.float ( 2 , "ATR Multi" , step = 0.1 ) smoothing = input.string ( title = "ATR Smoothing" , defval = "WMA" , options = [ "RMA" , "SMA" , "EMA" , "WMA" ]) ma_function ( source , atrlen ) =>     if smoothing == "RMA"         ta.rma ( source , atrlen )     else         if smoothing == "SMA"             ta.sma

Explain to me Bitcoin ETF?

Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) An ETF is a type of investment fund that trades on stock exchanges, just like individual stocks. It is designed to track the performance of a specific asset or group of assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, or, in this case, Bitcoin. A Bitcoin ETF is an ETF that aims to provide exposure to the price movements of Bitcoin without requiring investors to directly own and hold the cryptocurrency. Instead, the ETF holds Bitcoin as its underlying asset, and investors can buy and sell shares of the ETF on the stock exchange. The primary purpose of a Bitcoin ETF is to simplify the investment process for individuals and institutional investors who want exposure to Bitcoin's price movements but prefer the convenience and regulatory oversight offered by traditional financial markets. It allows investors to gain indirect exposure to Bitcoin without having to set up a separate digital wallet or deal with the technical aspects of buying, storing, and secur

New Pine Script: BB+RSI Strategy

  This strategy is based on 2 indicators which are Bollinger Bands (BB) and Relative Strength index (RSI). Strategy Description: Buy order placed when price crosses down lower BB (MA50, StdDev4) and the RSI (length 4) is below 20.    Potential ROI Monthly (in sideway/bullish): 2% Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT , ETHUSDT Time frame: 3mins Initial Capital: 50 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 11 USDT Pyramiding: 4 orders Commission: 0.1 % Take Profit: 4% Stop Loss: nil // @version=4 strategy ( "BB+RSI []" , overlay = true ) // Bollinger Bands length = input ( 50 , "Bollinger Bands Length" ) mult = input ( 4.0 , "Bollinger Bands Standard Deviation" ) basis = sma ( close , length ) dev = mult * stdev ( close , length ) upperBand = basis + dev lowerBand = basis - dev // RSI rsiLength = input ( 4 , "RSI Length" ) rsiOverbought = input ( 20 , "RSI Overbought Level" ) // Entry conditions priceCrosse

New Pine Script Strategy: 2 weeks low

Usually (not neccesarily) BTC price movement bounce in 2 weekly cycle. This strategy is meant to buy the dip of  2-weeks low. So far it has performed really well despite the big dip. Strategy Description:  Buy order placed when the price touches 2-week low.  Potential ROI Monthly (in sideway):  1-2% Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT , ETHUSDT Time frame: 5mins Initial Capital: 50 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 11 USDT Pyramiding: 4 orders Commission: 0.1 % Take Profit: 1% Stop Loss: 0.5% // @version=4 strategy ( "Buy Dip 2-week low []" ) // Define the 4100-candles low price low_4100 = lowest ( low , 4100 ) // Define the buy condition buy_condition = low <= low_4100 // Create the buy order if buy_condition     strategy.entry ( "Buy" , strategy.long ) // Define the take profit level tp_price = close * 1.01 // Create the take profit order strategy.exit ( "Take Profit" , "Buy" , limit = tp_price ) // Define the stop

What is a smart contract?

A smart contract is a computer program that automatically executes and enforces the terms of an agreement between multiple parties. It is a self-executing contract that eliminates the need for intermediaries or third parties to oversee and enforce the contract. Smart contracts are built on blockchain technology, usually on platforms like Ethereum. They use the underlying blockchain's security and decentralization features to ensure that the terms of the contract are followed without any possibility of manipulation or fraud. These contracts are "smart" because they can automatically verify conditions, trigger actions, and enforce agreements based on predefined rules and code. Once the conditions written into the smart contract are met, the contract is executed automatically, and the outcome is recorded on the blockchain for everyone to see. The beauty of smart contracts is that they are transparent, immutable, and highly secure. Since they are stored on a blockchain, they

New Pine Script Strategy

I will start post some TradingView strategies in this blog. Most of them are for crypto trading mainly BTCUSDT and ETHUSDT pairs. The first strategy is quite simple, based on Golden Cross principle Strategy Description:  EMA50 crossover EMA200 and RSI (length 7) above 50 Expected ROI Monthly (in sideway/bullish market):  4% Recommended Settings: Pair: BTCUSDT , ETHUSDT Time frame: 3mins Initial Capital: 50 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 11 USDT Pyramiding: 4 orders Commission: 0.1 % Take Profit: 1% Stop Loss: nil // @version=4 strategy ( "Golden Cross []" , overlay = true ) // Define the inputs ema50Length = input ( 50 , title = "EMA 50 Length" ) ema200Length = input ( 200 , title = "EMA 200 Length" ) rsiLength = input ( 7 , title = "RSI Length" ) takeProfitPercentage = input ( 1 , title = "Take Profit Percentage" ) stopLossPercentage = input ( 50 , title = "Stop Loss Percentage" ) // Calculate t

How to use trading bots?

 This video here explains how to install trading bot using TradingView and Trader Adaptor TraderAdapter link: More detailed explanation and walk through updated on this page here.. How to start your own trading bots

Explain to me Bitcoin and Blockchain in the easiest way possible?

Bitcoin is a digital currency, just like how you have physical money like coins and notes. But instead of existing in a physical form, Bitcoin exists only in the digital world. It's a type of money that you can use to buy things or send to other people electronically. Now, let's talk about the blockchain. Imagine a big notebook or a ledger that keeps track of all the transactions made with Bitcoin. This notebook is not owned or controlled by any single person or organization. Instead, it is maintained by a network of computers all around the world. This network is called the blockchain. Every time a Bitcoin transaction happens, it is recorded in this notebook, which is a block. But here's the interesting part: each new block is linked to the previous block, forming a chain of blocks, hence the name "blockchain." This chain of blocks creates a permanent and unchangeable record of all the transactions that have ever taken place with Bitcoin. Because the blockchain i