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New Pine Script Strategy: MA Crossover Momentum

This strategy is quite simple, it only uses strategy uses EMA and SMA crossover. Since now is bullish season, this bot able to catch bullish momentum upon starting, and it will exit the position when the momentum ends.  Strategy Description: It buys when the EMA200 line crosses up SMA800 line. Exit when EMA200 crosses down EMA220. The exit strategy works almost like trailing stop loss. Potential ROI Monthly (in bullish trend): 0-15% Recommended Settings: Pair:  BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT   Time frame: 1min Initial Capital: 100 Base Currency: Default Order Size: 90 USDT Pyramiding: 1 order Commission: 0.1 % *This bot works best at TF 1min with large market caps ie. BTC,ETH. For smaller market caps, its recommended to use TF 5mins. // @version= 4 strategy ( "EMA Crossover[]" , overlay =true ) // TF1min works best with large market cap coins ie BTC,ETH, TF5min workes better with smaller caps ie FET, ATOM // Define input parameters ema200_length = input ( 200 , title = &