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Kucoin AI Spot Trend Bot review

Hi, i would like to share my short term data on AI trend following bot on Kucoin. Please take note that this analysis is very superficial, and and the duration is just more than 2 weeks. 

Another thing to be mindful is that this is a strategy bot, that means there is exit profit or exit at loss. It is not a HODL bot.

I wanted to publish this data early before the full bullrun comes. Once the bullrun takes place, almost everything will go go up and data become less relevant.

To look at this bot, its here on the Kucoin app:

AI spot trend bot
Click on +Create

Here are the stats:

Coins/token tested were Bitcoin BTC, Kaspa KAS, Ripple XRP, Avalanche AVAX, Celestia TIA, Thor RUNE, Chainlink LINK, Polygon MATIC, Near Protocol NEAR Arkham ARKM, Optimisim OP. They were all paired with USDT.

I did test on ETHUSDT as well but i had to end it early cos of my bot limit quota. Anyway the result was pretty much same as BTC.


1. The bot works better on big market cap coin such as BTC and ETH. Other altcoins perform best when there are big price movements, but not so much on fluctuating market. 

2. On average, trades were performed every 1-2 days.


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My CEX of choice
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